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Whole Life Insurance

Final Expense and Burial Insurance


I scour life insurance applications from the full spectrum of life insurance companies in order to find the most benefits that you qualify for based on age, health and other factors that come into play when companies underwrite policies.  This research gives me a leg up in finding life insurance programs for people that might be declined or graded with an agent that has access to only a handful of companies.

If you’re looking for life insurance with a medical condition and it’s listed under health conditions above, I have found a loophole for that condition on an application.  This is a great place to research medical conditions and their impact on getting an affordable life insurance policy.

I use a network of agents across the US to deliver the best value on whole life insurance products for seniors because final expense companies that offer the greatest value REQUIRE a face to face application completed by a licensed agent. 

Most Internet life insurance agencies use a limited number of companies because most of the final expense companies don't allow telephone sales. The companies that don't allow telephone sales happen to be the companies that offer the best-priced policies.

This means you should know all of the companies available in your state to find the best value. We use the entire spectrum of these companies in order to find the most benefits that you qualify for. No matter what state you're in, I promise to get you the most benefits for the dollar spent and deliver outstanding value.

Term Life Insurance

Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance

Option B Alternative For Federal Employees

In many cases, Federal Employees can save significant money by participating in the FEGLI Basic Life Insurance program and opting for traditional Term Insurance from a private company rather than buying Option B through the FEGLI program.

You may even find it more cost effective to cover your survivor benefit with a life insurance policy rather than taking the 5 or 10 percent withdrawal from your retirement pay.  We help you weigh these options by providing you with a very detailed sheet that illustrates the coverage amounts and costs by year.

We will complete a FREE assessment to show you the exact costs of FEGLI Basic and optional coverage as you age and head into retirement. We enter the information you provide in the OPM FEGLI calculator and then use that data in our planning sheets to illustrate your total cost for life insurance.




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Term Life Insurance

Servicemans' Group Life Insurance

Low Cost Term Life Insurance For Those Leaving the Military


SGLI Life Insurance in the amount of $500,000 expires 120 days after separation from the military. Find the most affordable Term Life Insurance using the top-rated insurance carriers here on this site.

We recommend service members put a low-cost term life insurance policy in place six (6) months prior to separation.  Why (?)  During the last six months medical records get updated for VA disability purposes and long-term medical conditions are documented; that can increase the cost of a life insurance policy.

Medical conditions documented like sleep apnea can increase the cost of a life insurance policy.  Before you begin your final out-processing let us help you get a low-cost term life insurance policy.




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