What I Do

I maintain contracts with the best final expense life insurance companies.  By maintaining a basket of life insurance carriers, I can cast a wide net to help people find burial insurance for seniors with first day coverage with a wide array of medical issues and prescription medications.  With the carriers that I maintain, it’s very rare that I am not able to place my clients with a plan that pays the full-face amount on the first day a payment is made while quoting the best price available in each state across the US. 

My Top 11 Final Expense Life Insurance Companies:

  1. Family Benefit/Trinity Life
  2. KSKJ Life
  3. Lifeshield
  4. Oxford
  5. Transamerica
  6. Cincinnati Equitable
  7. Security National Life
  8. Sentinel Life
  9. Senior Life and Casualty
  10. Mutual of Omaha
  11. Christian Fidelity

I find policies that accept most medical conditions and medications.  I keep track of the application questions and medication knockout lists for all the carriers that I have.  Armed with this information, I can place clients with a wide array of medical conditions and current medications depending on when the last medical event, date of diagnosis, medication being taken and other factors.        

I leverage a large network of licensed agents across the nation to offer the best value.  This network of licensed life insurance agents throughout the United States have access to the same companies.  For final expense life insurance also known as burial policies, the companies that offer the best pricing require a face to face, in person interview when completing an application.  In order to get my clients, the most benefits they qualify for, I must leverage this large network of agents. 

Companies that accept over the phone applications simply cannot get down to the level of pricing offered by a company that only accepts a face to face or through the mail application.  I consider it my job to get my clients the most benefits for the dollar spent.  Although it might be easier for me to use a company over the phone, in most cases that would not yield the most benefits a client qualifies for.  Using a company that accepts over the telephone applications simply shortchanges the amount of benefits a family receives during some of the hardest times of their lives.        

Services I Offer

I provide access to state-regulated programs to pay final expenses across the US.  It is important to know how to qualify for this life insurance benefit available.  This benefit will pay for 100% of all funeral expenses up to $35,000.

Seniors may not have a dedicated amount of funds set aside to pay for a funeral or pay for final expenses.  Some might have recently checked into the pricing on what they currently have and want to see if they can find more benefits. Or they might want to leave behind a legacy like income for a surviving spouse, money for grandkids, or to a charitable organization or church.

These programs have the following guarantees:

  1. First Day Coverage. Fully protected the very first day your coverage goes into effect with no exclusions and no waiting period.
  2. Ease of issue. No physical exams.
  3. Premiums will never go up. Lock into a rate at current age and the cost will never increase regardless of changes to health and age.
  4. Benefits will never go down. Regardless of changes to health and age.
  5. All programs build tax free cash value.
  6. The benefit is paid to the beneficiary tax free on the worst week of their life.
  7. The policy can never be cancelled as long as premium payments are made.
  8. This is a protected asset that will never be forced to liquidate.

My Process

There are medical conditions that limit life insurance policies to a guaranteed issue; 24 months return of premium only kind of plan.  Conditions like:

  1. Current oxygen use.
  2. Currently on dialysis.
  3. A major heart condition diagnosis in the last 12 months.
  4. A cancer diagnosis in the last 12 months.
  5. A Dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

If none of these conditions above apply, it’s very likely I will get my clients first day death benefits at the most affordable rate possible. 

Complete the quote tool.  I will determine the company that will provide the best pricing based on age, tobacco use, and any medical conditions or medication being taken.

Once the best company is determined an application can be taken over the phone and mailed out for signatures or a local licensed agent will be assigned for a short visit in order to take a face to face application. 

Underwriting for these policies take anywhere from 2 to 7 business days. The policy will be mailed once it’s issued.