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To get the best life insurance rates you need to get a few quotes and then compare the life insurance quotes that you have. But it’s not just about price. Of course, there’s more to compare than just price but at least at LifePolicyShopper.com, you can use our live quote engine that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A lot of life insurance sites will take you to a form to fill out, for an agent to call you with a price. In fact, these sites are pretty much the norm. Take a look at the average State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, Farmers and other neighborhood life insurance agent and you’ll find a site that asks you to fill out a form for an agent to call you on their time. That is not the case here.

Use an Independent Broker that Casts a Wide Net of Potential Carriers

When it comes to getting the best deal on life insurance going online and doing your own research is a great way to secure your policy. Even better is going with an independent broker, which can, in the long run, save you money and will definitely save you the hassle of having to wade through the different insurers yourself for the best deal, even if you know what to look for.

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At LifePolicyShopper.com you can get a complete picture of what makes the price move looking at different policy features during your online research for finding the best life insurance policy that suits the needs of your family. You can do research without having to stop and fill out a form and wait for an agent to call you back. In fact, you can put your information in our secure online form and instantly receive a free online quote directly from one of the top rated carriers in the life industry.

You can decide at that point whether or not you want to proceed with an online application. If you do, you can answer the questions related to your gender, age and your health. The application will go to our application development team and you will be contacted to review the information that will go on your policy and to schedule your medical exam if you are applying for a fully medically underwritten policy. We have the most modern and streamlined application process in the life insurance industry.

The Freedom to do your Own Research

Our live online quote engine that offers you a free service where you can request a free quote for your life insurance needs. This enables you to compare life insurance quotes to see where you can save money with one over the other. To compare life insurance quotes, all you have to do is request a quote and a listing from the top carriers will appear instantly and you can compare the terms, the premiums, death benefit and clauses contained in each one.

Research on your Terms

Our live online quote engine gives you the ability to compare life insurance quotes from a full listing of the top-rated carriers in the life insurance industry. This saves you the time of having to wait for each quote to come in and then print each one off or for an agent to call you with an answer to compare the best rates. The reason for comparing the quotes on life insurance is to make sure you do get the best rates on life insurance. This lets you find the best possible death benefits at the lowest possible premiums or payment on your own with no human intervention or involvement.

Our live online quote engine at LifePolicyShopper.com is secure and we protect your sensitive information when entering it in the online life insurance company websites. These companies are looking for your business and are therefore secure sites. Your personal information will not become part of the public domain when you want to compare life insurance quotes. The company does have your best interests at heart and does want to have you as a customer.

No Needless Human Intervention or Involvement

Here at LifePolicyShopper.com, you will only receive quotes from top rated life insurance carriers. As part of your research, to get the best rates on life insurance you need to look at the companies themselves. Choose life insurance companies with a proven track record. This way, you know that when you examine the life insurance quote on our live quote engine, you have a good idea the company won’t run the danger of going out of business. Just remember that you do have to look at the length of the term to get an overall picture of the best rates on life insurance. A longer term with low monthly premiums means you won’t have to start your search for the best rates again in the near future.

The best rates are ones that you can afford. You should start out with an amount that you can afford each month and then use our online quote engine to get close to that amount. You may have to revise the amount of the death benefit amount and the length of the term to get the rate that fits your budget. You can always upgrade to a longer term, a higher death benefit or even whole life insurance when you can afford it as your life evolves over time.

A Modern Life Insurance Research Platform

We’re glad you’re here. Use our live online quote engine to find the best rates on life insurance. We’re confident at Life PolicyShopper.com you will find the policy that best suits your needs and we will deliver the policy to you, on your schedule and on the terms you set on your application. There will only be human intervention when it is necessary to validate information. When there is a need to speak with someone, our application team works around your schedule. Most life insurance carriers offer options of voice signatures and digital signatures once we begin to move through the process of putting your policy in place. This is a modern life insurance platform designed to best serve you as an online consumer.


Terry Biddle is a business owner, blogger, retired Army National Guard officer and a current federal employee. He works with seniors, federal employees, and members of the military to get the most life insurance benefits at the greatest value across the full spectrum of term and permanent products from fully underwritten to no-exam and guaranteed issue. Please feel free to contact me here.

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