Certainly, most people know that life insurance can be used for many things. Whether you want to leave a cash legacy, replace your income stream for a spouse, leave money for debts and college expenses, or simply to make sure your final expenses are taken care. Think about it, why would anyone want to leave the cost for their burial with surviving loved ones or friends?

It happens more often than you may think. A family loses a loved one and then finds out that there is no money available for the funeral. Unless you’ve had to plan a funeral or have chipped in to pay for one, you’re probably unaware that the average funeral can cost between $8,000 and $12,000. Sure, you can save money with simple cremation but that typically will cost a few thousand if you plan a memorial service or plan to bury the ashes in a cemetery.

The easiest and most affordable method to provide funds for your final expenses and burial insurance is by purchasing a permanent life insurance policy that is specifically designated to cover these inevitable expenses.
Foresters is an outstanding resource for burial insurance and competes on the same level with companies like Lincoln Heritage and Colonial Penn.



Foresters Life Insurance

Foresters Life Insurance


Foresters Financial, commonly referred to as just Foresters, was founded in 1874 with the primary goal of helping ordinary hard-working families implement their long-term financial goals. Operating as a fraternal benefit society, Foresters has expanded their footprint to help their member families around the globe.

As the company has grown, Foresters has expanded their services to include Life Insurance products, various types of annuities, Mutual Funds, and a wealth of advisory services provided by experienced financial professionals.

As for other member benefits, Foresters Financial invested over $20 million into its member benefits program in 2015. This community investment helped Foresters membership to access needed funds for student scholarships, access to wealth creation, and various products that afford financial protection in the midst of uncertainty.


Industry Ratings

A.M. Best

It makes very good sense for anyone who is considering pulling the trigger on purchasing a financial product to make certain that the underwriting company is financially stable and will be available in the long term.

Foresters has earned and enjoys a very high financial rating with A.M. Best rating services. Foresters has an “A Excellent” rating now and has maintained that rating for over 15 years prior. This rating means that Foresters has a very positive outlook that they will pay member claims and will continue to meet company operating expenses.

As a member company of the Better Business Bureau since 2005, Foresters was assigned a rating of A+ since the few complaints that were listed were quickly resolved. Foresters Financial continuously displays an overall mission to satisfy member clients and agents with outstanding customer service.


Foresters Burial Insurance for Seniors


Foresters Financial offers burial insurance for seniors that provides the right amount of protection to cover burial costs and other related final expenses. Their PlanRight policy offers whole life insurance that is designed to cover costs for final expenses at affordable rates with simple underwriting. This policy will provide coverage to age 121 with guaranteed level premiums and a cash value account that will grow tax-free over time.

The Foresters PlanRight policy also includes a Common Carrier Accidental Death rider that increases the death benefit if the insured’s death is the result of an accident in a common carrier, such as a train, plane, bus, or boat or ferry.

Foresters PlanRight Whole Life Insurance

Foresters offers three different forms of its PlanRight Whole Life Insurance.

Level Benefit

The level benefit policy is a traditional whole life insurance policy and qualified applicant beneficiaries will receive the full death benefit from the first day of coverage.

  • Issue Ages – 50 to 85-years old
  • Minimum Face Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Face Amount: Age 50-80: $35,000 and Age 81-85: $15,000

Graded Benefit

This Graded Benefit whole life insurance policy was designed for applicants who are unable to qualify for the Level Benefit product because of health issues.

The death benefit for the Graded Benefit policy is paid as follows:

Year One: If death in year one is non-accidental, the company will pay 30% of the face amount of the policy.

Year Two: If a non-accidental death occurs in year two, the insurance company will pay 70% of the face amount of the policy.

Year Three: In year three the full face amount will be paid for death due to natural causes or accident.


  • Issue Ages: 50 to 85-years old
  • Minimum Face Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Face Amount: Ages 50 – 80: $20,000 – Ages 81 – 85: $10,000

Modified Benefit

The PlanRight Modified Benefit plan was designed for applicants who do not qualify for the level benefit or graded benefit plan.

Year One: If the insured dies from non-accidental causes in the first year, the insurance company will pay to the beneficiary the sum of all premiums paid plus 10%.

Year Two: If the insured dies from non-accidental causes in the second year, the company will pay to the beneficiary the sum of all premiums paid plus 10%.

Year Three +: Beginning in year three, the policy will pay 100% of the face amount for death from natural or accidental causes to the beneficiary.


  • Issue Ages: 50 to 80-years old
  • Minimum Face Amount: $2,000
  • Maximum Face Amount: $15,000


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Actual Rates for Burial Insurance for Seniors

Here are Foresters’ insurance rates for a $10,000 Level Benefit Policy for a male and female non-smoker:

burial insurance for seniors from Foresters

For an accurate quote for your actual age, use our world-class quote engine on the right side of the page and then call us to make policy arrangements.


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Terry Biddle is a business owner, blogger, retired Army National Guard officer and a current federal employee. He works with seniors, federal employees, and members of the military to get the most life insurance benefits at the greatest value across the full spectrum of term and permanent products from fully underwritten to no-exam and guaranteed issue. Please feel free to contact me here.


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