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Fitness Reward Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t a fun thing to think about. It’s a safety net established for the people you leave behind when you die. No one wants to think about dying. One of the hardest things to understand in our lives, it’s easier to push it aside than really give it some thought. For your family’s sake, you should really have a post-death plan in the event something happens to you. You have no idea the day you die or why you’ll die. So instead of trying to predict it, or hoping you make it to an elderly age unscathed, why not invest in insurance to protect your beloved children in spouse?

Well, the next problem is insurance complexity. The average adult sifts through so much paperwork every year regarding health, home, and car insurance that the thought of adding on another one is out of the question. Insurance is a tedious, money-sucking necessity most people loathe in their lives. With car insurance being stressful enough, tacking on life insurance to most people is out the question. Too many times, people have been scammed or wronged by these insurance companies, and their skepticism prevents them from considering, and evening learning about, life insurance.

So it’s probably news to you that there are fitness rewards through life insurance. That’s right, if you regularly run or go to the gym, you can get a cut in your life insurance premium. Never thought of that before? That’s because little time is spent reading up on life insurance – it’s not your fault, it’s society’s fault for being afraid of it.

Luckily enough, with the advent of the information age, some power has been dealt back to the consumer. With the world right at your fingertips, every tip, fact, complaint, and compliment of a premium or company can be located. You don’t have to face insurance brokers blindsided anymore. You can take the time to sift through the articles, social media accounts, and website reviews to really know what kind of company you’re dealing with. And you can take the time to make sure you locate a company that agrees to lower your insurance premium from proof of your physical fitness commitment.

Insurance shopping online

And, with this new era of the Internet, it’s given a whole new capability to life insurance shopping. Online life insurance quotes make life insurance shopping easy. The drudgery of purchasing life insurance is being eliminated by the using the web. The search engines will take you right where you need to be with a variety of options. It’s an insurance buyers dream. There are hundreds if insurance carriers online and there are a wide variety of products. That is the landscape that exists and so it behooves you to take advantage. The best approach to online shopping is to prepare yourself before you start your search.

There are two very important questions that need to be answered before you start the process.

Why am I buying life insurance? Believe it or not there are a lot of folks shopping for life insurance without a well-defined reason. When you purchase insurance without a credible purpose in mind then you are throwing money away. People usually drop their life insurance because they do not understand why they purchased it in the first place. Life insurance is an insurance you can’t afford not to have. If more people understood the benefits of life insurance for everyone in their lives, more people would buy it. But, since a short-term benefit can’t be seen, many people elect to ignore it. Well, as terrible as this would be, your life can end any day at any moment, and the short-term benefit of life insurance becomes very apparent very quickly. A short needs analysis will give you a basic understanding on the purpose and the amount needed to protect your family and or business.

Should I purchase temp or permanent insurance? This may not be an either/or type question. You may want to purchase both. The rule of thumb is that temp insurance is purchased for temporary needs and permanent insurance is purchased for lifetime permanent needs. The difference in rates between temp and permanent can be significant and so it is better for you to pre-determine a fixed amount that you can afford in your budget. That will help you determine what type of policy to purchase. A nice balance of permanent and temp life insurance is preferable but your budget may only allow for temp insurance. That’s alright. You can convert the temp life to permanent life in the future.

Well, if you’re a physically fit person, you don’t have to ask yourself the second question we just posited. You can afford permanent life insurance by providing proof to the company of your heart and lung’s healthy condition. All you have to do is go in for your annual checkup and collect your medical records as proof of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. By presenting this to certain life insurance companies, your premiums will now get cut in half. Permanent, dependable, and long-lasting life insurance is now within reach for you.

So get out there and compare life insurance quotes. Read up on life insurance companies and their fitness policies. Many, like John Hancock, have made it apart of their insurance platform. And because of this, many companies will follow. Take the time to sift through all the information right at your disposal on the Internet. Don’t settle until you find a premium that rewards you for your physical dedication and extensive research. All you need is a little patience.