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Life Insurance - With Physical Fitness and healthy lifestyle Rewards

You’ve seen the studies. Actively exercising and living a fit lifestyle lengthens your longevity. Reports have even gone far enough to suggest that with every 1 minute of exercise you complete, 7 minutes of your life is lengthened. Regularly working out reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, improves blood cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation, manages high blood pressure, and reduces the risk of stroke tenfold. Natural endorphins released while running or biking improve your mental well-being, boosts your energy, releases built-up tension, and helps manage stress levels. Here, we'll discuss how federal employees under FEGLI can earn very low insurance rates from John Hancock and MetLife when they replace Option B with life insurance purchased in the private market.

Low-Cost Life Insurance - When Maintaining Fitness Levels is a Job Requirement

A lot of people go to the gym regularly as apart of their daily schedule. Members of the military, federal employees, teachers, athletes, you name it, can all fall into this section of predictably physically fit individuals that have healthy habits built into their lifestyle. Members of the military are required to maintain a certain level of fitness as a part of their job. Fitness tests are part of their life. Wouldn’t it make sense for these groups of people, who have these habits built into their daily lives to take advantage of a low-cost life insurance plan that offers rewards and saves money over the course of their lives? Also, Federal Employees have access to world-class workout facilities and make physical fitness a part of their daily routine. People with healthy lifestyles should have an option to save costs on life insurance.

Low Cost Life Insurance – For Federal Employees with Daily Access to World Class Workout Centers

In another article, I discuss where a member of the military might benefit by putting a policy in place while they are in their 40s in order to have permanent coverage in place well beyond the SGLI. Also Federal Employees might benefit by putting a policy in place while they are in their 40s in order to have permanent coverage in place – before FEGLI begins to get more costly after the age of 45.

Insurance companies are taking note of this practice. The John Hancock Life Insurance Company has started offering policyholders a discount when they use Fitbit wristbands and track their exercise. I’m sure you’ve seen a person or two in your workplace with a Fitbit wristband on. The incredibly convenient fitness gadget allows users to track their steps, workout times, and calories burned in a single day. By allowing insurance companies access to your Fitbit steps, they have complete assurance their participants are pursuing healthy lifestyles.

John Hancock is offering policyholders who wear Internet-connected Fitbits discounts of up to 15% on their life insurance policy. The fitness-tracking service is apart of their partnership with Vitality, a service provider that combines wellness benefits with life insurance. John Hancock created this initiative to make life insurance relevant and attributable for future generations.

Once signed up with the program, policyholders earn points for their physical activity during a given day and their accumulation of healthy lifestyle characteristics. They then use their earned points and apply them for rate discounts and other awards. For example, in this specific program, policyholders can rack up to 30 points in a single day. They can also garner points from dental screenings, physical events, running, and flu shots.

And, they don’t even need to apply all of the points towards their life insurance. Points are convertible into gift cards and airline/hotel discounts depending on the level achieved.

Participants can also set personalized goals and keep track of their activity online. All of it can be integrated with the Fitbit personalized health-tracker.

Another highly rated insurance company that will reward applicants who are very healthy and physically fit is MetLife. Although MetLIfe is not currently offering a "reward program" for individuals who have a dedicated fitness routine with electronic monitoring, they will reward applicants who demonstrate a willingness to live a healthy lifestyle by offering the lowest insurance premiums possible. For federal employees who understand the imminent rate increase in FEGLI coverage once they age into their 40s, MetLife should be considered a serious contender for the lowest rates possible when you make the money-saving decision to drop FEGLI Option B and replace it with a low-cost life insurance policy from the private market. Similar to John Hancock, MetLife can reward individuals living a healthy lifestyle.

Low Cost Life Insurance – That Rewards a Healthy Lifestyle

Savings can be incredibly significant according to John Hancock. Take this example: A 45-year-old couple (normally healthy) buying the company's new Protection UL with Vitality life insurance policies of $500,000 each could potentially save more than $25,000 on their premiums by the time they reach 85, with additional savings if they live longer, permitted they reach gold status in all years.

Many Americans know they should have life insurance. Buying low-cost life insurance is an investment in the long-term well-being of one’s family. Living without it is a huge detriment to spouses and children. With this new fitness initiative, policyholders can now connect their long-term financial stability with their healthy lifestyles.

And, with wearable technologies becoming more popular, even more “Fitbit” style wristbands will be on the market in upcoming years. These bands are encouraging people to get active by reminding them of their physical activity in a given day. John Hancock has found a way to combine these innovations with recognizing and rewarding healthy individuals. Consumers deserve at least one kind of insurance company that rewards them for their overall physical fitness.

And, the money saved on this fitness form of life insurance can be put towards joining higher class wellness centers, committed to fitness education, healthy practices and food, and advanced muscle-building classes. There are no excuses for not joining that “gym you’ve always wanted to join” anymore.

This healthy lifestyle partnership with life insurance needs to be broadcasted to fit individuals, members of the military, and Federal Employees. Of course, many other people will fall into this category. But, everyone who has a fitness requirement as a part of their occupation should be made aware of this new discount.

John Hancock is the only life insurance company to incorporate this fitness component for now. Surely in due time, others will have to adopt it to stay competitive. They are doing something new here. They are creating an initiative that is good for their customers. Essentially, the consumer’s well-being and health are coming first in this matter.

Spread the word on this form of life insurance. Sure to be enticing to a massive amount of the population, the world needs more of these mutually beneficial opportunities in favor of the consumer. Too many times today, consumers are scammed and ripped-off by corporations and business conglomerates. Rarely is anything ever done to their advantage. This life insurance policy will benefit the insurance company, consumer’s health, consumer’s families, and the technology industry. That’s a pretty far-reaching, fantastic effect from one business idea.

Do yourself, your family, and your community a favor, sign on with a life insurance policy that rewards you for your fitness dedication. You and your family will not be sorry.



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