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National Guard Quotes -  Life Insurance for Military Technicians


Technicians in the National Guard who are considered dual-status are a special type of government employee. They are also referred to as Military Reserve Technicians and so we’ll refer to them that way later in this article.

This is also how they are referred to in Title 5 and 32 of the United States Code. These are US civilians who are employed by the National Guard. These dual-status employees' jobs vary between airplane, helicopter, or tank mechanics to support and office positions.

Contrary to other government employees, National Guard dual-status employees are required to retain military status as long as they are in a civilian position.

The majority of federal employees work under the Title 5 umbrella but dual-status techs fall under Title 5 as well as Title 32. Title 32, which is the Technician Act, makes it mandatory for dual-status employees to wear the military uniform during military employment and must give up any civilian position if they cannot meet the military requirements. This rule also exempts these employees from receiving overtime, seniority, and other important rights that other types of federal employees enjoy.

They do, however, have the same right to organize and join a labor union as other federal employees. They also are entitled to the protections of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Act and additionally reserve the right to bargain a contract, the right to union representation, and the right to file grievances and unfair labor practices.

Unfortunately for these employees, Title 32 allows technicians who are dual-status to be treated worse when compared to other employees who are not dual-status.

The DOD, Air Force, Army, and Nation Guard oversee dual-status technicians while the state Adjutant’s General are the designated employer of these technicians. Moreover, unlike other civilian workers, they don’t have discipline appeal rights to the MSPB, and their supervisors will typically serve as their military leaders, which generally complicates their working relationship. Additionally, multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan mean that the unions representing them forfeit up to 50% of their bargaining unit at any given time.


Life Insurance - All Term – No Permanent


A National Guard dual-status technician moves through their career with a large amount of term life insurance. If the National Guard dual-status technician uses the maximum SGLI term life insurance and uses the basic FEGLI coverage plus the FEGLI option B optional coverage there’s a chance the individual will carry as high as $1 million in term life insurance. But a large chunk of this coverage (the SGLI) is tied to membership and will be gone when the National Guard Technician leaves the service. This is why you should get National Guard Quotes in the private market.


Introducing Term Life Coverage to Age 100 – Payments Never Go Up – Death Benefit Never Goes Down

5 Star Life Insurance Company’s offering of the Family Protection Plan with terminal illness coverage until age 100 is a great option for National Guard Dual Status Technicians to secure affordable permanent life insurance with awesome National Guard quotes.

Here are some key benefits of this coverage:


With several options to choose from, select the coverage that best meets the needs of your family.

Terminal Illness

This plan pays the insured 30% (25% in Connecticut and Michigan) of the policy coverage amount in a lump sum upon the occurrence of a terminal condition that will result in a limited life span of fewer than 12 months.

Permanent Coverage

You and your family continue coverage with no loss of benefits as long as premiums are paid. Coverage can never be canceled by the insurance company unless you stop paying premiums.

Family Protection

Individual policies can be purchased on you, your spouse, children, and grandchildren.

Children & Grandchildren Plan

Policies can be purchased for children and grandchildren ages newborn through 23 for a $10,000 policy or for a $20,000 policy.

Easy Application Process

This insurance does not require a medical exam or blood profile. Eligibility for coverage is based on a few simple health questions on the application.


Premiums are taken care of simply and easily through electronic bank draft deductions.


Protection You Can Count On


Within 24 hours after receiving notice of an insured’s death, an emergency death benefit of the lesser of 50% of the coverage amount, or $10,000, will be mailed to the insured’s beneficiary, unless the death is within the two-year contestability period and/or under investigation. This product also contains no war or terrorism exclusions.
Enrollment in this plan is very easy and includes:

• No exam
• 7 medical question application
• No Medical Information Bureau check
• No prescription drug check
• No motor vehicle record check
• Online enrollment
• Voice signature or wet signature


7 Medical Questions to Enroll


It’s worth re-stating to take a look at the easy enrollment process. If you take a look at buying a medically underwritten whole life policy above the age of 50 there will be medical questions and an exam that will cause the price to go up. Permanent life insurance is expensive – but this plan makes it affordable.

For individuals that might have high blood pressure, diabetes, use tobacco, a heavy build, and other out-patient treatment issues this plan is a great low-cost solution for obtaining permanent coverage. Before you leave the military when SGLI expires and in conjunction with FEGLI basic coverage this plan will provide permanent coverage at a very low cost for the National Guard dual-status technician so it's essential to get your national guard quotes as soon as possible.

Call 540 226-8715 and enroll today or fill out the National Guard quote tool and we will contact you. Enrollment is easy over the phone.

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Terry Biddle is a business owner, blogger, retired Army National Guard officer, and a current federal employee.  He works with seniors, federal employees, and members of the military to get the most life insurance benefits at the greatest value across the full spectrum of term and permanent products from fully underwritten to no-exam and guaranteed issue.

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