Qualify For a Burial Plan After an Aneurysm

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Like most, you probably do not want to leave financial burdens to your loved ones. Proceeds from a final expense life insurance policy pass to your beneficiary at the time of your death to help cover funeral or burial expenses, unpaid medical bills or other costs.

Unexpected costs can create a financial burden on family members, making this time even more difficult. Planning your funeral arrangements or how your loved ones will pay for your final expenses is not typically at the top of anyone’s to-do list. But could your family pay for these expenses without sacrificing their retirement and savings? If you’d like the comfort of knowing you are not leaving a financial burden to your family, plan for these costs by purchasing life insurance.

Qualifying for life insurance with first day coverage at a reasonable rate isn't always an easy task. If there's a health problem in your medical history that raises red flags in the application process, you certainly want to enlist the help of an independent life insurance agent that has access to several different carriers and experience in dealing with the “knockout questions” on insurance carrier applications. These knock out questions apply to both medical conditions and prescription drugs.

Benefit Information For Virginia Citizens Only

Independent insurance brokers typically know which life insurance companies tend to offer the most competitively priced policies for applicants with certain medical conditions or risky lifestyles. For example, some insurers will offer better prices for people with heart disease or diabetes than other companies. Other life insurers are more lenient when it comes to cigar use or tobacco chewing. And still other companies will quote better rates for nonmedical risks such as aviation, scuba diving or foreign travel. Captive Agents, those agents that work for your neighborhood Agencies like State Farm, Farmers, and Progressive might simply decline the case and either recommend an independent agent that can find the right coverage or simply say, I’m sorry I can’t help try someone else.”

Let’s talk about finding a whole life insurance policy for an applicant that suffered an Aneurysm



A brain cerebral aneurysm occurs when there is a bulging outward of an artery in the brain. Brain aneurysm resources (a website sponsored by the American Society of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuro-radiology) reports that 1 in 15 individuals in the United States will develop a brain aneurysm. Cerebral aneurysms are not often discovered until they rupture, causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain. They are more common in women than is men.


Severe headache, blurred vision, neck pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, and loss of sensation ate the usual symptoms of a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. Before the rupture occurs, clients may report speech problems, diminished thought processes, loss of balance and coordination, and vision deficits.


A neurosurgeon is usually consulted to determine appropriate treatment, which is most often surgery or a technique known as endovascular coiling. If surgery is the choice, the blood flow to the aneurysm must first be stopped, and then the aneurysm is snipped off. A craniotomy must be performed for the surgery to take place. A less invasive procedure that provides more successful outcomes is the endovascular coiling technique. This procedure is performed through the blood vessel when a catheter in the femoral artery is navigated toward the aneurysm. Tiny platinum flexible coils threaded through the catheter are directed into the aneurysm where they are used to fill the aneurysm, thus stopping blood flow and preventing rupture.

Finding a Policy at the Best Value

When you have suffered from an aneurysm and are looking for a small whole life policy also called a burial plan there are carriers that offer a standard rate. If you are inside 24 months from the event it’s possible for you to get a plan at a standard rate. Once you’re outside 24 months you should not have a problem finding a small whole life policy at a preferred rate. Although some carriers never specifically ask about aneurysms on their application and it’s possible to secure a preferred rate depending on the medication history.

These final expense programs have the following guarantees

1. First Day Coverage. You are fully protected the very first day your coverage goes into effect with no exclusions and no waiting period.
2. Ease of issue. No physical exams.
3. Your premiums will never go up. Lock into a rate at your current age and the cost will never increase regardless of changes to your health and age.
4. You benefits will never go down. Regardless of changes to your health and age.
5. All programs build cash values.
6. The benefit is paid to your beneficiary tax free on the worst week of their life.
7. Your policy can never be cancelled as long as premium payments are made.
8. This is a protected asset that you will never be forced to liquidate.

Seniors looking for a state regulated final expense life insurance policy or a whole life burial plan often have medical impairments and conditions that may raise the cost of these benefits. We keep track of these medical impairments and conditions and contract with several carriers so we can find the most benefits for the amount of money that you spend. Here we will review what we might see as we field underwrite the COPD medical condition. We can help you find first day coverage at a standard rate.

3 Top Reasons why folks use these programs

1. Because they do not have a DEDICATED amount for their funeral or final expenses

2. Because they’ve recently checked the pricing on what they currently have in place. They want to see if they can find more benefits than what they currently have.

3. Because they want to leave behind a legacy. Income for a surving spouse, money for grandkids, or to charity (Cancer Society, Church, etc)

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