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Final Expense Insurance from Foresters Financial.

Wouldn’t making a decision about final expense insurance be so much easier if there weren’t so many companies to choose from?

And wouldn’t it be much quicker if you could look at the top ten Final Expense Insurance companies instead of the top 50?

And better yet, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had a 3-Step process you could follow to make an informed decision about purchasing final expense insurance?

Well, there is. As long as you are confident that the company is financially stable, competitively priced, and offers outstanding customer service, you have found the company you can trust with your life insurance.

Foresters Life Insurance is Financially Stable


Believe or not, it's a simple process to check out an insurance company's financial stability. Even though there are several rating services out there, you really need to be concerned with just one of them: A.M. Best.

A.M. Best is the "gold standard" when it comes to getting financial information about an insurance company. They dig into the company's claims reserves, their liquid assets, the operating costs, and their sales. If A.M. Best reports that a particular company is financially stable, you know that the company will be there when you need them the most. Here's a snapshot of an A.M. Best rating report.

Foresters Life Insurance Company Ratings for 2018

Foresters Strength rating is A (Excellent) and according to A.M. Best, this means that in their opinion, Foresters Life Insurance has an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. Translated, this means they will have no problem with paying their claims or meeting operating obligations.

Foresters 2018 ratings


Next is the long-term issuer credit rating. This rating is assigned to offer A.M. Best’s opinion of how Foresters Life Insurance Company which is that the company has an excellent ability to meet their ongoing senior financial obligations.

long term issuer graphic

And the last thing you should check for is how long the company has been able to keep very high ratings with A.M Best.

A.M. Best rating for Foresters Life Insurance

The good news is anyone can visit and register for free and then check as many companies as you’d like


Affordable rates for Final Expense Insurance from Foresters


Although many consumers base their buying decisions on price alone, it’s not the smartest way to do business. Price is important, but not as important as value. Value is what should be most important and these three categories can help you determine value. Although pricing should not be the only consideration in your decision, for most people it is very important so let’s discuss Foresters Life Insurance pricing for final expense insurance.

Here we’ll offer insurance quotes for final expense insurance from Foresters Life Insurance and their closest competitors. These are the rates for a male in good health that doesn’t use tobacco.

$10,000 Final Expense Life Insurance Policy

Applicant Age

Company A Company B Company C Company D



$28.82 $29.16 $30.51 $31.02



$31.40 $32.77 $34.28 $36.79



$38.13 $39.90 $42.76 $43.49



$50.64 $53.87 $55.76 55.94



$62.29 $68.43 $69.23 73.73



$93.38 $94.87 $99.53 $100.50



$130.78 $131.67 $135.93 $145.79



As you can see, when compared to other company prices, final expense insurance from Foresters is not the cheapest but in most cases, they are within a few dollars of the others. This simply means that Foresters does not compete with the low-price leader and they do not intend to. They intend to deliver value to their policyholders.


Foresters Life Insurance Commitment to Customer Service

Final Expense Insurance agent

If you've ever needed an issue taken care of or a mistake the company made get corrected, you may have been disappointed when you finally got off the call. I understand that large corporations rarely have a "person" answer a call that comes in but some of these "phone trees" are just unnerving.

Just recently I called my insurance company because there was an error on my renter's insurance declaration page. It had someone else's name on it; not mine. When I finally got to a "representative" that didn't ask for my policy number but instead everything else she could think of, she asked me how she could help me. I explained about this other person's name on my policy and she began telling me that would have been my fault, not theirs.

I explained to her that the name was correct but when I changed my mailing address, for some reason they changed the name. Anyway, let me just say that I was ready to drive to their headquarters in another state to speak with this woman face-to-face.

Finally, she agreed to make the change and that I would receive the new documents in the mail very soon. I was not a happy camper!

Now, where were we? Oh, customer service. Since Foresters is owned by a fraternal benefit society, their management reflects the caring nature of that society. This doesn't mean there are no phone trees, but when you talk to a person, they are very helpful and very thankful that you chose their company over many others that you could do business with. Quite frankly, many companies lose business because of a failing customer service department but Foresters keeps they clients happy with outstanding service.

You must also consider the claims department. Even though you can file a claim with Foresters online, you will eventually need to speak with a claims representative. This conversation, if it goes badly, can cripple a company’s reputation. In fact, in the life insurance industry, the majority of service complaints that you find online are about claims.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your Dad’s life insurance policy is just a piece of paper until he dies. That is when it becomes real to you because you are trying to arrange his funeral with only a few hundred dollars in the bank. You need that check yesterday and you need somebody to help you while you are grieving and maybe even losing your mind. Claims are important!


In Conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, you do not have to research every company to make an informed decision about whether to bless them with your business. You should, however, check out final expense insurance from Foresters Financial. You can confirm that the company is financially stable, competitively priced, and provides outstanding customer service. And the easy part is, you can get this information from an experienced and reputable independent agent like


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