Worry-Free Life Insurance Policy with COPD taking Theophylline

If you are searching for the best and most affordable life insurance policy with COPD and taking Theophylline, you can expect some challenges during the process. There are, however, independent life insurance agents who specialize in high-risk cases and represent multiple insurance companies who are willing to underwrite applicants with diseases like COPD.

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease can certainly make it more difficult to obtain affordable coverage, but there are a handful of insurance carriers that Life Policy Shopper represents that allow us to find affordable solutions for individuals and families. Some of the insurance companies we will select do not require medical exams, and this allows us to expedite your application and approval process.

Finding a Worry-Free Life Insurance Policy with COPD taking Theophylline

There are a number of ways in which you can anticipate having difficulty locating the very best rates for life insurance. Factors like family history, past and current health, your driving record, and even daily habits or lifestyle, can all have a considerable impact.

When it comes to any form of lung condition, like COPD, insurance companies will need to make certain they aren’t accepting too high of a risk prior to approving you for coverage. Each insurer has distinctive underwriting guidelines, so identifying cheap life insurance with COPD is a matter of learning which underwriting guidelines best matches you and your condition.

There are several primary questions that will be asked by the underwriter:

• What was the date of your original diagnosis?
• What type of COPD are your suffering from (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema)?
What prescriptions drugs are you taking?
• What were the results of your Pulmonary Function Tests?
• What were the results of your X-Rays or ECG?
• Do you currently smoke tobacco?
• If you previously smoked and have quit, how long has it been since you quit?

Your answers to these kinds of questions provide underwriters with insight into how your COPD has progressed over time since it is a chronic disease. The more serious your COPD has gotten over time, the higher rating you can expect, which results in significantly higher premiums.

Check out our video for other information on a Life Insurance Policy After a COPD Diagnosis

Dependent upon the seriousness of your condition, life insurance with COPD varies from a very slight rate increase all the way down to a potential decline. Even though different carriers award different class ratings based on the severity of your COPD, it’s difficult to know exactly where to go unless you use an independent insurance agent like Life Policy Shopper, because we understand how to navigate among the many different insurance carriers.

Your Medications Matter

Insurance underwriters that handle high-risk cases like COPD understand that, in most cases, the medication your physician prescribes is a very strong indicator of the types of symptoms you are dealing with.

For example, if your physician has prescribed for you take Theophylline, your underwriter will know that it is used to treat symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest which are generally associated with patients needing to manage moderate to severe COPD. Theophylline is used to relax and open the patient's air passages in the lungs.

Even though Theophylline will significantly help with controlling COPD symptoms, it will not cure them so the patient should continue taking the medication even when they feel much better after taking it. There are some common side effects when taking Theophylline:

o Nausea and upset stomach
o Stomach pain
o Diarrhea
o Headache
o Restlessness and insomnia
o Irritability

Since Theophylline does not provide immediate relief and is taken on a regular basis over time, patients are recommended to continue using a rescue inhaler for immediate symptom relief.
Insurance Rate Expectations

Although your final rate will be designated based on the results of your Pulmonary Function Tests, X-Rays, ECG, and the attending physician statement, here are some general guidelines of what you can expect from a high-risk life insurer when you have COPD:


For applicants who are considered to have a mild case of COPD, you could anticipate a non-smoker up to a Table 2 rate class, although we have seen standard-plus rates awarded on several occasions. Mild COPD is designated when the patient isn't undergoing any long-term treatment regimens, has nearly normal pulmonary function tests and does not use a rescue inhaler.

Moderate COPD

Applicants that have a moderate case of COPD can expect a rating to be in the Table 2 to Table 4 range. Moderate COPD is classified as having persistent symptoms of coughing, dyspnea (difficulty breathing), an increased number of lung infections, and abnormalities on their chest x-ray. An inhaler and other non-steroid medications are used sparingly.

Severe COPD

When an applicant is suffering from a severe case of COPD, they should expect a higher table rating or a possible decline of coverage. Severe symptoms include a persistent cough, shortness of breath even during or after mild activity, poor scores on pulmonary function tests, regularly use medications like a rescue inhaler (Albuterol) and Theophylline.
You Have Alternatives

If you have ever been declined for life insurance due to your health, don't assume that you cannot obtain affordable coverage. There are a lot of possibilities for life insurance for individuals with COPD. One of the most unfortunate financial mistakes you can make for you and your family is to not purchase life insurance. Every year there is a multitude of stories about families that lost a loved one without warning. Their lives were instantly turned upside down, and then the bills started coming in.

Not having any life insurance can place your family in one of the greatest overwhelming and stressful circumstances possible. Not only will they be coping with the loss of a loved one, whether unexpected or not, but they will also find themselves with an incredible amount of debt that they cannot pay. Life insurance will give them the solutions they will need to get through this overwhelming time without adding any sort of financial stress. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that choosing to purchase life insurance will bring.

These programs have the following guarantees

1. First Day Coverage. You are fully protected the very first day your coverage goes into effect with no exclusions and no waiting period.
2. Ease of issue. No physical exams.
3. Your premiums will never go up. Lock into a rate at your current age and the cost will never increase regardless of changes to your health and age.
4. You benefits will never go down. Regardless of changes to your health and age.
5. All programs build cash values.
6. The benefit is paid to your beneficiary tax free on the worst week of their life.
7. Your policy can never be cancelled as long as premium payments are made.
8. This is a protected asset that you will never be forced to liquidate.

Program Guarantees

Seniors looking for a state regulated final expense life insurance policy or a whole life burial plan often have medical impairments and conditions that may raise the cost of these benefits. We keep track of these medical impairments and conditions and contract with several carriers so we can find the most benefits for the amount of money that you spend. Here we will review what we might see as we field underwrite the COPD medical condition. We can help you find first day coverage at a standard rate.

3 Top Reasons why folks use these programs

1. Because they do not have a DEDICATED amount for their funeral or final expenses

2. Because they’ve recently checked the pricing on what they currently have in place.  They want to see if they can find more benefits than what they currently have.

3. Because they want to leave behind a legacy.  Income for a surving spouse, money for grandkids, or to charity (Cancer Society, Church, etc)

The insurance professionals at Life Policy Shopper represent multiple highly-rated insurance carriers that offer no exam life insurance policies and guaranteed issue life insurance. If traditional life insurance is not available because you have COPD and take Theophylline or any other COPD medication, check out our world-class quote engine and then contact us through our website at your convenience. Simplified issue whole life is available.

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