Worry-Free Life Insurance Tips with Hepatitis C after taking Epclusa

Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are considered viral infections of the liver and are caused by the Hepatitis B Virus and the Hepatitis C Virus. Both viruses can be acute or chronic and will often present symptoms in similar ways. The difference between the two viruses is their type, prognosis, and diagnosis and treatment. Both types of the disease are transmitted through the exposure of infected bodily fluids or blood. Their incubation period varies according to whether the disease is diagnosed as acute or chronic.As such, we are pleased to offer these Worry-Free Life Insurance Tips with Hepatitis C after taking Epclusa.

According to THE BODY, the difference between acute and chronic Hepatitis is:

“Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C are diseases caused by three different viruses. Although each can cause similar symptoms, they have different modes of transmission and can affect the liver differently. Hepatitis A appears only as an acute or newly occurring infection and does not become chronic. People with Hepatitis A usually improve without treatment. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can also begin as acute infections, but in some people, the virus remains in the body, resulting in chronic disease and long-term liver problems. There are vaccines to prevent Hepatitis A and B; however, there is not one for Hepatitis C. If a person has had one type of viral hepatitis in the past, it is still possible to get the other types. Read More…

To summarize, how long the disease lingers in the body determines whether it is acute or chronic. For the remainder of this article, we will focus on Hepatitis C and how it can affect the patient’s life insurance.

About Hepatitis C

The hepatitis C disease is caused by the hepatitis C virus. It is spread through contact with blood and bodily fluids of an infected person. The disease is considered acute if the body is able to fight off the virus in six months or less, but then chronic when it continues to afflict the patient for decades and in many cases, a lifetime.

The disease results in damage and inflammation to the liver. In fact, hepatitis C can result in severe liver damage and liver failure, cirrhosis, and hepatic cancer after lingering in the patient for many years. Many people that are infected with hepatitis C are unaware since symptoms can be very mild, often resembling the flu with mild flu-like symptoms. Although there is a specific blood test that can lead to a hepatitis C diagnosis, most infected people discover they are infected only after having a blood test for life insurance underwriting.
Statistics for Hepatitis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as of 2014 there are between 2.7 and 3.9 million cases of chronic hepatitis C in the United States, with over 2,000 cases being added each year. Of the amount, there were close to 20,000 deaths listing the disease as the cause of death. Although no effective cure was found in the past, recently several drugs have been approved for treatment that results in an extremely high rate of ridding the body of the virus and disease. One of which is EPCLUSA (sofosbuvir/velpatasvir).

Although Epclusa was found to have a cure rate of 99% for patients having genotype 2 of the disease, the pharmaceutical company also reports a 95% cure rate for patients with genotype 3 and 97 – 100% for patients with genotypes 1, 4, 5, and 6. When the patient also has advanced cirrhosis, Epclusa is prescribed with ribavirin.

Treatment with Epclusa or Epclusa with ribavirin lasts for twelve weeks, and the patient is considered cured when the hepatitis C virus is no longer detected in the blood when measured ninety days after the treatment is completed.

As with other hepatitis C drugs currently on the market, the most common side effects reported by patients taking Epclusa are headaches and fatigue. When Epclusa is administered with ribavirin for patients with advanced cirrhosis, additional side effects such as anemia, nausea, insomnia, and diarrhea are commonly experienced as well.

Can I get Affordable Life Insurance after Completing Treatment with Epclusa?

We are happy to report that after your treatment with Epclusa or Epclusa with ribavirin, you will be eligible for standard or better insurance rates as long as there is no serious lingering damage to your liver. Your underwriter is likely to have additional questions regarding your treatment and a complete report from your doctor regarding your prognosis. They will likely ask for the following information after your treatment:

• How long has it been since your treatment was completed?
• They will want copies of blood tests performed at least three months after treatment.
• Are there other diseases present such as HIV/AIDS or other health complications?
• What, if any, is your current alcohol use?
• Do you smoke or did you smoke and quit and if so, how long since your last cigarette?

Life insurance applicants should be aware that insurance underwriters will require some form of proof that your disease is no longer present in your body so they can award the most favorable rates.

What Can I Expect to Pay?

Most high-risk insurers will offer a standard to preferred rating for applicants who have completed their treatment with Epclusa, especially if your viral loads and liver function tests are normal after two years since treatment was completed. Of course, this is assuming that you are a non-smoker and that no other health conditions are presented.

If your chronic hepatitis C resulted in liver damage or cirrhosis, you might still qualify with standard coverage. It is important that you talk to an independent agent that has a successful history of placing high-risk cases, as they will have the experience needed to properly present your case to the underwriter. We have experience helping people that have battled through hepatitis C.

If you have ever been declined for life insurance due to your health, don't assume that you cannot obtain affordable coverage. There are a lot of possibilities for life insurance for individuals with hepatitis C. One of the most unfortunate financial mistakes you can make for you and your family is to not purchase life insurance. Every year there is a multitude of stories about families that lost a loved one without warning. Their lives were instantly turned upside down, and then the bills started coming in.

Not having any life insurance can place your family in one of the greatest overwhelming and stressful circumstances possible. Not only will they be coping with the loss of a loved one, whether unexpected or not, but they will also find themselves with an incredible amount of debt that they cannot pay. Life insurance will give them the solutions they will need to get through this overwhelming time without adding any sort of financial stress. You can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that choosing to purchase life insurance will bring.

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1. First Day Coverage. You are fully protected the very first day your coverage goes into effect with no exclusions and no waiting period.
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3. Your premiums will never go up. Lock into a rate at your current age and the cost will never increase regardless of changes to your health and age.
4. Your benefits will never go down. Regardless of changes to your health and age.
5. All programs build cash values.
6. The benefit is paid to your beneficiary tax-free on the worst week of their life.
7. Your policy can never be canceled as long as premium payments are made.
8. This is a protected asset that you will never be forced to liquidate.

Program Guarantees

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For more information about Worry Free Life Insurance tips with Hepatitis C after taking Epclusa or Epclusa with ribavirin, use our world-class quote engine to receive a free and confidential quote or contact the insurance professionals at Life Policy Shopper through our website at your convenience.

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