Equitable Life and Casualty Insurance is one of those companies that seem to have been around forever. Although they don’t spend a lot of time advertising on primetime TV like Lincoln Heritage or Colonial Penn, the company has been taking care of business since the Great Depression, and they have become an important resource providing burial insurance for seniors

Equitable Life and Casualty

Founded in 1935 by Dr. Roderick “Doc” Ross, the company’s mission was to help Utah families (mostly poor miners) deal with the cost of funerals and other final expenses. To get the mission started, Doc founded the Equitable Mutual Aid Protective Society in 1935. Not long afterward, Equitable entered the insurance market since benevolent societies had been placed under the authority of the insurance commissioner’s office. Equitable Life and Casualty, as the company is known today, was started from these humble beginnings and grew over the next few decades:

  • The 1960s – With the implementation of Medicare in the 1960s, Equitable began to focus on the senior life market with life insurance and Medicare Supplement Insurance.
  • The 1970s – Equitable was one of the pioneers in the extended care benefits that would cover nursing home expenses which eventually became known as long-term care insurance.
  • The 1980s – As a trailblazing life and casualty insurer, Equitable was the first to offer home care recovery benefits for seniors.

Equitable's Financial Stability

A.M. Best

Through the company’s experienced and conservative leadership, Equitable Life and Casualty maintains a B rating from A.M. Best rating services. The company’s financial size is $25 million to $50 million with a positive outlook for the long term.

Equitable is a solid believer and supporter of the independent agency system for distribution of its products and remains committed to innovative and affordable solutions in health care financing for seniors in America.

Available Insurance Products

burial insurance for seniors

Since Equitable Life and Casualty focuses on the senior marketplace, the company offers competitively priced Medicare Supplement plans, Final Expense Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Hospitalization Plans, and a short-stay Nursing Home Insurance Plan. All of Equitable’s products offer seniors an affordable way to offset out-of-pocket expenses and have peace of mind knowing they are well protected.

Burial Insurance for Seniors | Heritage Protector

burial insurance for seniors

Equitable’s Heritage Protector Final Expense Plans are available in a level benefit and graded benefit product. For seniors who do not qualify for the level benefit product, they can always find coverage under the graded benefit plan.

Heritage Protector Level Benefit

Equitable’s Level Benefit plan provides coverage from the first day of issuance and is offered in two underwriting classes: Preferred and Standard. The plan offers the following highlights:

  • Eligible issue ages for people 50 to 85-years of age
  • Available face amounts from $2,000 to $30,000
  • Benefits can never be decreased by the company
  • Once issued, premiums can never increase
  • Death benefit paid to your beneficiary tax-free
  • Death benefit paid in one lump sum

Heritage Protector Graded Benefit

Equitable’s Graded Benefit plan was designed for seniors who do not qualify for the Level Benefit plan because of health issues. It offers the same benefits described above but adds a waiting period for death from natural causes.

If your death occurs during the first 12 months, all of your premiums, plus 5% interest, will be paid to your beneficiary. In the 2nd year, the company will return your premium plus 10%. In the 3rd year, 75% of the selected benefit is payable. After 36 months, the full benefit is payable.

If your death is the result of an accident, Equitable will pay the full death benefit from the first day of your coverage.

As an independent insurance agency, we are proud to represent Equitable Life and Casualty because of their competitive insurance rates and outstanding customer service to agents and policyholders.


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