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Runners lower life insurance costs with Lab Work, health and
weight attributes

One of the most physically taxing and beneficial exercises a person can partake in is running. A full-body workout through a rhythmic cardio movement, running has more benefits for one’s health than can be listed in an article. And, to get technical, that applies to people who choose to jog over run as well. No matter the speed, your body undergoes a serious physical transformation as you push it through a regimented running schedule.

Life Insurance For Runners

And, it’s incredibly easy to incorporate running into your everyday routine. To become a runner, you only need to hit the pavement right outside your house. A widely accessible and inexpensive alternative to gym memberships, anyone can run outside just about anywhere. Although starting a running routine will be challenging, your body will adjust in due time.

So, have you ever thought about life insurance for runners and the benefits can come from your dedication to running? Not just limited to countless physical benefits, running can alter all the categories considered when life insurance is priced.

Runner Fitness Levels Create Above Average Lab Work, Health and Weight Attributes that Result in Low Life Insurance Costs

It’s time to put your daily running habit into perspective with regards to your lab work, health and weight attributes for life insurance.

Running all-around improves cardiovascular and lung health. The act of running encourages elasticity in arteries, lowering blood pressure throughout your body. By running frequently, you are “working-out” your heart and strengthening it as an organ. Building up your heart lowers your chances of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. At the same time, your lungs also undergo a serious workout, and runners tap into almost double their lung potential than non-runners. Like all the muscles in your body, by working-out your lungs and heart, they build up immunity and strength throughout the process.

Then, there’s the common misconception that running can contribute to joint pain. Running actually rhythmically puts joints and the cartilage within through an expansion and contraction process. While doing this, waste products are flushed from the area and more oxygen is released into the body. Like the heart and lungs, actively moving your joints helps them develop overtime, leaving runners way less susceptible to arthritis at a later age.

And of course, running burns an insane amount of calories. Though it depends on your size and weight, running is one of the most effective ways to burn through massive amounts of calories in an hour. On average, runners burn 100 calories per mile. That means, if you run up to an hour, you’re close to 900 calories per hour. Pursuing an intense exercise regime like that will burn away fat fast and replace it with leaner tissue. This results in slender, fit individuals less likely to suffer from overweight related health problems. Running, throughout your entire body, works and strengthens many muscles.

Did you know that running can also build bone density? With your body undergoing a disciplined running schedule, your bones will adjust according and actually compound to help aid you throughout the run. Running is a weight-bearing activity that forces your body to compensate and change to make it easier on you. While that’s happening, running is also strengthening your ligaments, making runners way less likely to suffer from strains and sprains.

Running can even be linked to preventing cancer. In a report by the British Journal of Cancer, researchers found runners have a 24-30% decrease in the likelihood of common forms of cancer, like colon or breast cancer. And, on the same note, it has been found that regular running results in longer lifespans.

Lastly, running has an important impact on mental health and stability. Natural endorphins released while running or biking improve your mental well being, boosts your energy, releases built-up tension, and helps manage stress levels. Mental anguish, like incontrollable stress, many times leads to heart attacks and other physical breakdowns in people. Stabilizing your mental and emotional stability is an effective way to prevent physical decay from stress.

With all of these benefits, it makes sense for runners to have a fantastic advantage when it comes to life insurance pricing. When life insurance is priced, carriers look at age, gender, health attributes, and family history. Now that we’ve listed out what health attributes are affected by running, it’s time to look at specifically what life insurers go over before setting their life insurance price.

Fitness Measured in the Laboratory

When blood work is collected for pricing life insurance, insurers have the ability to look at your GFR, HIV, Fructosamine, Prostate Specific Antigen, Glucose, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatine, Alkaline Phosphatase, Bilirubin, AST, ALT, GGT, Protein, Albumin, Globulin, Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol Ratio, Triglycerides, and LDL Cholesterol. In everyday terms, what exactly does this mean?

Your body exists in a state of homeostasis, meaning all components and systems work in harmony for one balanced result. Your blood, like your body, has a homeostasis level necessary to carry out its basic functions. Words above like Glucose, which is your sugar level, and Cholesterol, which is your blood-fat levels, must all stay in check to not harm any of your organs.

As we discussed previously, running maintains and lowers the harmful fat and sugar levels in your body through rigorous calorie-burning cycles and increased muscle movement. Doctors constantly tell patients with high Cholesterol to watch their fatty food intake and exercise. Runners naturally lower their Cholesterol levels. They also naturally lower their Glucose levels through burning calories.

So, when a life insurer is analyzing those blood components, runners are going to score at the top of the chart with their blood composition. It is also the same result with the rest of the aforementioned components of blood. Running will keep it all at homeostasis while pumping it around your body more frequently, helping it stay clean and filtered.

After the blood test, insurers can view your Urinalysis. Similar to the blood analysis, the Urinalysis is going to give insurers another perspective at your internal health. When the Urinalysis is collected, insurers gain access to your Cotinine, pH Levels, White Blood Cells, Red Blood Cells, Hyaline Casts, Granular Casts, Thiazide Diuretics, Beta Blockers, Creatine, Glucose, Protein Quantitative, Protein/Creatine Ratio, and Cocaine levels.

Let’s start with your pH level. PH measures the acidity levels in your body on a scale. Always meant to be close to 7, or neutral, healthy individuals’ pH levels are never too acidic or basic. When you train your body to become a seasoned runner, it gets used to balancing its pH levels through anaerobic metabolism. The more you run, the more efficient it becomes at stabilizing your pH level through water and vitamin loss. Therefore, in general, runner’s pH levels are more stabilized and resistant to fluctuation than non-runners. Bodies used to anaerobic metabolism, which occurs when regular oxygen delivery can’t keep up with exercise, are able to keep their acid levels in check.

Then there’s your red and white blood cell count. A very good indicator of a person’s current and future health, red and white blood cells are important to analyze when factoring out life insurance policies. Red blood cells carry oxygen through the blood stream to cells. White blood cells exist with the red blood cells to fight off antibodies and other harmful invaders in your system. High counts of both are incredibly crucial to long-lasting health.

Though running cannot directly affect your white blood cell count, it can develop and increase your red blood cell count tenfold. Naturally, if your body is regimented to speed up oxygen delivery to your cells every time you workout, it’s going to accommodate by creating more red blood cells. The more oxygen it can deliver your cells while exercising, the more efficient the process will be. Therefore, when runner’s Urinalysis comes in, their red blood cell count is off the chart. A body with developed, cultivated red blood cells is also a fantastic indicator of health in the future.

So, now that we’ve gone through a few components of blood tests, it’s important to look at the whole picture. For the dozens of blood building blocks listed out, running improves all these results on a micro level. Although it’s direct impact may not be as obvious as it is with red blood cells, running, and your body’s overall resistant homeostasis it develops, improves blood composition immensely.

It makes a lot of sense for life insurers to sign on people who are conceivably the most physically fit members of society. Runners have a cost advantage with life insurance, and should be rewarded for their impressive and unwavering commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Their running habits and discipline is the best indicator for a perfect life insurance recipient.

A lot of people can fall into this classification as a runner. Parents, federal employees, current and ex-military personnel, athletes, business owners, you name it, can invest in a healthy running lifestyle. There may be people in your life right now you had no idea get up every morning and run for 45 minutes. It’s a big class of people.

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So, if you’re a runner reading this article, or if you’re motivated enough to become one after learning about the benefits, you should undoubtedly be buying a low cost term life insurance policy at a discounted rate today. If you buy a policy while you’re young this can save you hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars over the life of the policy. You deserve to be rewarded for your unwavering commitment to living a healthy life. An example for people around you to follow, everyone should invest in his or her physical well-being.

Life Insurance With A Free Fitbit

You may be asking yourself, this sounds good, but where do I start? Life insurance companies across the world are beginning to adopt this fitness initiative into their evaluation process. A model example for interested runners, the John Hancock Life Insurance Company has started offering policy holders a discount when they use Fitbit wristbands and track their exercise and maintain a certain level of activity. I’m sure you’ve seen a person or two in your workplace with a Fitbit wristband on. The incredibly convenient fitness gadget allows users to track their steps, workout times, and calories burned in a single day.

John Hancock is offering policyholders who wear the Internet-connected Fitbits discounts of up to 15% on their life insurance policy and the Fitbits are provided for free. The fitness-tracking service is apart of their partnership with Vitality, a service provider that combines wellness benefits with life insurance. John Hancock created this initiative to make life insurance relevant and attributable for future generations. All interested runners have to do is fill out the quote form to see if one of the John Hancock policies is a right fit. Read more in our article here.

What if you’re not sold on a specific life insurance company with a fitness initiative yet? That’s where LifePolicyShopper comes into play. An all-encompassing platform with access to the top rated life insurance companies available today, LifePolicyShopper can pair you with a life insurance company ready to compensate you for your fitness dedication. We are committed to working with individuals across the nation to find the best running discount possible.

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Don’t wait another minute to be compensated for your running dedication. All runners should receive discounts for their exemplary way of living. One of the most beneficial physical activities your body can undergo, start running today, and watch your life insurance rates drop instantly. It’s just that easy.